Training is an essential part of improving user knowledge and understanding. There are a multitude of training courses and programmes available across the internet for people to select from. Within this site we will focus on just a couple of elements of training that we consider to be valuable.

There are three primary areas of information that we are focusing on as a part of the training.  This will be:

  1. User behaviours
  2. Brief technical overview
  3. Energy calculators

Each partner involved in the Night Hawks activity will provide training to employees within participating retail outlets.  This training will focus on improving basic understanding of ways to reduce their energy impact both at work and at home.  Information about the training available will be shown on each country’s section of this website, accessible by clicking on the “Partner Country” drop down box at the top of this page.

More technical training will be delivered to site managers in order to explain operational opportunities available to them for realising energy savings. This is delivered through the provision of the Night Walk energy report. To see an illustration of this activity, please feel free to go through the online module that is provided on the left. To view the training materials select the “View” button in the sub navigation on the left of this page. This will take you to the training website where you can select “Guest Access” to view seven topics.

You will see a number of calculators on this page, all of which can help you to identify the savings potential of taking action.  For example, the temperature reduction calculator shows the percentage energy consumption saving by reducing the internal temperature.  Just enter in existing internal and external temperatures along with the desired new temperature to see how much you could save!