Night Walks

Night walks are on-site energy surveys held at times when businesses are closed to the public. Energy experts conduct the survey with a view to identifying areas of energy waste within a business, in order that a bespoke action plan can be produced and implemented so as to enable direct and significant energy savings.

The process of Night walks


A minimum of 12 months energy data is analysed to help assess the levels of consumption at different times of the day, week, month and year. Further information about the business is obtained via a short questionnaire to help understand aspects such as hours of use and management processes, including works that have taken place to already address the issue of energy waste..

On the day:

Our energy experts meet with the site manager during the evening to conduct the energy survey.  This will involve assessing the usual elements that lead to unnecessary energy use.  These are:

  • Lighting – management and technical opportunities for improvements
  • Heating – hours of use and levels of heat provided
  • Ventilation – hours of use, and how this works with heating systems
  • Electrical equipment – opportunity for time control, use of refrigeration and so on
  • User behaviour

In addition to these “core” aspects, the survey will also accommodate more specific issues as appropriate.  This may include; problems with water use; billing issues or renewable energy opportunities for example.

Post visit:

A brief report of findings will be produced and presented to the management team, along with a suggested action plan, comprising no cost , low cost and capital cost measures along with suggested savings that can be achieved.  Upon agreement of the action plan , support will be provided to assist with its implementation. Additionally, short training courses will be made available for employees to help show them areas where improvement can be made.  Much of this support can then be applied at home in order to further broaden the potential benefit of the support.

Approximately 6 months after the initial Night walk, a follow up review will take place to check progress against the action plan and for further support to be provided as required.